Death of Local Co-Op

Why, oh, why is local co-op dying? The gaming industry seems to favor the opposite direction, despite a ton — a TON — of hungry gamers begging for more local co-op functionality.

Online Multiplayer Takes Over

Game devs and publishers seem to enjoy the prospect of having online multiplayer instead of having a local co-op game or splitscreen. This does look good in a business perspective, but as a loyalty thing, I think they are straying too far away.

We want more local co-op. We want to play with our friends on the same television and family when we have extra time. Not everyone can buy a PS4 or a good PC, so what about those that can’t afford it? They can hardly even go to their own friends house or borrow a console because a limited quantity of game developers don’t want to support local gameplay.

It’s all in the business. People want to you to spend money, and with this thinking they will get you to spend money. They are pretty much forcing it down your throat because you have no option to play games with other people except buy expensive hardware, a great gaming monitor, a good internet connection, and for crying out loud — the freaking game.

My rant is over. ‘Til next time!

PC Gaming

What I Don’t Like About PC Gaming

You hear it all around the internet. “PC gaming master race”, “PC rules above consoles”, etc.

I’m fed up with it. PC Gaming is NOT all that. I personally think it’s great. I think it’s the gaming console of choice. However, people make it up to be this glorious thing which it actually isn’t.

What PC Gaming Needs to Fix

PC gaming has some problems. First, it’s costly. Yes, you read that right. It costs a lot of money to build a gaming desktop and even more to buy one prebuilt, meaning it’s already built for you if you don’t know how to do it.

What PC Gaming Needs To FixPrebuilt PCs come at a price ranging from $500-$1000. However, consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One are priced at right around $400. That’s a major difference, and if you get a PC around said price range, you’re not getting a really good PC. In fact, that computer will be playing games at a much, much uglier graphical comparison.

Upgrading PCs can cost around $200 for another video card, roughly half what a PS4 costs.

Another thing I don’t like about PC gaming is the community. Why is everyone so brash and bold about what they can afford? Who cares if your PC is “godly” if you’re going to have to upgrade within a few years anyway?

That’s it for today’s post. For more of my video game insight, follow this link to read more. ‘Til next time!

Should Video Games Cost More?

With the next generation moving quickly, will the cost of your games increase?

With Sony and Microsofts latest announcements of their next respective consoles, you are probably wondering if prices will begin increasing. Gaming technology, such as gaming monitors like the ASUS VS247H-P, are also increasing in price. What will this mean to game consumers and game producers alike? Should you start worrying? Let’s find out.

Video game prices are likely to increase

It’s no question that with the greater power of these newer machines, developers and game publishers will be able to do more and deliver more with their game releases. Such things include a longer game overall, less linear gameplay, and obviously more graphics and details implemented on the screen at one time. With the ability to do this on the stronger hardware, it will obviously take more time to complete a game that is satisfying to consumers and really shows off the capabilities of next generation. This is, of course, the goal of every developer out there.

So it is almost a sure-fire decision that publishers will push for their games to be more expensive. But should it be more expensive?

Will video games cost more?I certainly believe so. As I mentioned earlier, video games will increasingly take more time to finish, polish, then publish. And again, I stated that because of this, games are likely to cost more for you. This, as a pretty hardcore gamer myself, is very logical in my eyes. Although I, like many of you, also believe that games are very expensive at their standard $60 launch price for an AAA game, I still believe that because these developers are working harder to develop a better experience, they have every right to demand more money.
Now, I can already see some game devs taking advantage over this and not in a good way. Some video game companies (EA) like to demand their games cost more money without really paying for it by giving a not-worth it experience. This obviously will stir up the market and ruin it for the publishers that gave it their all to make an impressive title.

In my opinion, I certainly see some great video games that will come out on the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One, as well as some later releases for the already released Wii U. Prices up to $70 are not impossible for me to imagine. Many gamers will complain about the prices getting higher and the economy being bad and whatnot, but they don’t really see how tough it is to actually code and write up a new game for a new console and make it completely ground-breaking and worth a look.

I have written up a few ways on why I believe video games should cost more. No I am not rich, I am not wealthy, I do not significantly have more money than you. None of that. I am simply a supporter of video game development and rewarding those that give us valuable entertainment.

If you frequently purchase video games, I urge you to check out this article and figure out how to save that hole in your wallet.ASUS VS247H-P: Best Gaming Monitor 2014

Reason 1: Video Games Take Time to Create

You would be surprised by the number of conversations I’ve heard from fellow friends of mine. They constantly discuss how easy it is to create games and they think developers are taking our money. The majority of that is wrong, however I do agree that some developers are asking for too much because they are providing an average product. However, most of the video game publishers ask for a price that I believe they deserve.

If I buy a game that I thoroughly enjoy, I will keep a constant eye on the companies that made it and I will be sure to buy another of their products. Some companies aim for a yearly release, like Activision with a different Call of Duty each year. However, other companies aim for the best game they can possibly get in whatever time span they can afford. The prime example here is Bethesda and their stellar Fallout and Elder Scrolls series. These games are not released yearly but rather at the pace of Bethesda, and as a result become one of the best video game companies I have ever purchased from. All because they like to take their time and make sure they have something ground-breaking and truly new to the world to share.

Gaming Monitor Review 2014Reason 2: Resources Are Expensive

You probably have heard the stories of layoffs from many different companies. Their main reasons are cost and deficiency. Companies are not getting the results they want in the period of time they’re looking for and usually lay off these hard working programmers and game designers. Plus, the coders and people behind the actual creation of the games earn a lot of money. Some companies can’t afford it yet, and that is why we are seeing a potential rise in title cost. Another result of this is the rise of indie gaming, which Sony and Microsoft mention for their next consoles.

Reason 3: It Is Still A Business

Like it or not, companies want to make money. Oh, they already make money? They want to make more. It’s simple. Sometimes they are deserving and we are glad we purchased their product, but sometimes that is our own mistake.
I want to make one point clear. Video game companies (or any company, for that matter) do not force you to buy video games.

If you’re complaining day and night on how you can no longer afford video games, that is a problem on your side. As I mentioned repeatedly, these products do not take a short amount to complete and perfect.
My advice for you is to always do your homework. By this I mean, review the games you are wanting to buy and make sure you definitely see it as worth your money.

If not, simply do not make the purchase. The next gen consists of rising prices so making sure you make smart purchases is the #1 thing you should be thinking about when it comes to the video game market.

Thank you for reading this article and I hope I have provided something insightful to you. I also want to thank the owner of this website for providing me an opportunity to let my voice be heard. It was a great chance for my opinion to be out there and I hope to do another guest post some other time.
Have a good day!

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Grand Theft Auto 5 – Not The Typical Elder Man’s Game

Grand Theft Auto 5. Oh, how I love you. I’m reaching around 55 years old in a couple months, yet I still find passion for you.

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, I am going to be roughly 55 years old in a few months. I say “roughly” because I’m not too keen with sharing my age with the internet. After all, I do still put I was born in 1901 when a website asks for my age verification. 🙂

Video games are rising in price, too. Read more on what I think about a potential video game price increase.

Anyway, on to topic.

Grand Theft Auto, in it’s entirety is seen as a game mostly for teenagers and the typical mid-age person. Rarely do you ever see, and I mean ever see, a grown man like myself so fond of a game so violent. “Violent games lead to violent actions” might be something a typical elderly person say. But not this one.

You see, I was born with a mindset to always enjoy. Just because I’m old doesn’t mean I can’t have fun with gangster games like GTA.

This was a truly fun game to play and I still play it to this day. I will probably keep buying the next game in the series as well. It’s just so darn fun.


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